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nap club
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Nap Club is about people who enjoy sleep. Its about getting a full night of rest. Nap Club is also about not sleeping at all. Nap Club is about nodding off in public. Its about taking naps in bed as well as on a bench or even the pavement. Its about the buzz of an alarm clock. Its about waking up refreshed and its about forcing yourself out of bed, too. Nap Club is about hitting snooze too many times. Nap club is about that one or two free hours in your hectic day. Its about your oddest dreams, your most dreadful nightmares, your sleep attire, being too tired to move, having nothing better to do, napping with a pal, napping alone, why you nap, where you nap, how you nap, when you nap... Nap Club is a club for nap and sleep enthusiasts of all kinds. Are you tired? Join Nap Club today!